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Core Values

Loving the 99 and Pursuing the One

Our mission is to love and disciple those who are in the body of Christ and pursue those who are far from God so that they can find freedom and hope in Him.
God’s Presence is our Priority: We know that in his presence lives are changed, so we allow space for Him to move in our lives.

People are our Heart: There is no exclusivity in the Kingdom of God, Jesus loves ALL people. Our heart is that ALL people have the opportunity to experience this love.

Honor is our Calling: We believe that honor is among the highest forms of love. We honor God, we honor those we serve, and we honor those who serve alongside us.

Excellence is our Passion: We believe that excellence honors both God and people. In pursuit of excellence we narrow our focus to accomplish more.

Servanthood is our DNA: We know that Jesus came not to be served but to serve others. We follow this model as we live to serve those around us.

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